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Creating the Future of Food

We aspire to marry the spaces of art, science, technology and culture into one concept and develop the first scalable, circular farm-to-table model. 


Our sphere is accessible via an integrated omni-channel strategy where circularity, minimalism and transparency is foundational. 


The retail stores serve as open prototype for a zero-waste supply chain with exceptional culinary experiences. The products are ambassadors of our mission and their range will be expanded gradually. Both will expose the massive potential of an innovative, plant-based nutrition without sacrifices and with significant benefits. ​ 


With hope and excitement, 

Matthew, Max & Team

Max Koenig

Max Koenig

Matthew Kenney

Matthew Kenney

Here To Stay

“My generation is tired of compromising the planet and our own health for convenience on a daily basis. We set out to base every detail of our concept on the health of humans and the planet"

- Max

“This is a time of exponential growth for the plant-based market. People are realizing that they need to take care of themselves more than ever, in a way that is sustainable and pleasurable”

- Matthew

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